Kackschredder's Cowboy Bebop Tv Review

Rated: 9

Well people, you may have guessed by know, but if each of the categories before was near perfection, same must go for the overall presentation, right? :)
Never before have I seen such a perfect combination of cool and lovely characters, great music, outstanding art, drama, comedy and romance. Name anything that makes an anime worth watching - cowboy bebop has lots of it! I don't wanna seem like overhyping this thing, but it is in my opinion the best anime out there right know, probably with evangelion, but defenetly easier to enjoy and understand. Very few (if any) filler episodes, as well.
And the action in this one has, let me say it again, pure hollywood quality. As said before,
you've never seen such great and fast dog fights and shootouts in any kind of animation.

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Kackschredder's Tenjou Tenge Tv Review

Rated: 8

Even though the shonen - school theme isn't new at all, Tenjo Tenge is still very enjoyable because there's great Humour now and then, and the various character realtions allways keep you interested in how the story will go on. One thing which is rather unusual for an anime of this kind is the fact that there are two story arcs, one taking place in the future and one in the past, two years before. However, that makes the viewing pleasure even higher in my opinion, since you never get bored.
Concludingly, I would suggest everyone to watch this great Anime, it´s hard to find a storyline which is as cool and mature in the shonen genre nowadays.

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